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Lotto lifeline for Maryport Lifeboat volunteers

Maryport’s Independent Lifeboat volunteers are to launch a new “Lifeboat Lotto” to raise vital funds to help keep the rescue service afloat.

Maryport Inshore Rescue is credited with saving dozens of lives in its 33 year history and played a key role in rescuing local people during the disastrous Cumbria floods of 2009.


The service is totally dependent on donations and has a crew of fifteen dedicated volunteers.

It receives some financial support from Britain’s Energy Coast, Cumbria Community Foundation and North and West Cumbria Flag, the fisheries local action group.  It is planning to build a new £350,000 independent lifeboat station in Maryport.

But the Lifeboat’s station officer, Michael Messenger says they need more cash to pay for essential maintenance to the rescue boat and to finance training for a new generation of volunteers, as well as ensuring a high level of training for existing crews.

He says: “Few people realise that a quarter of all UK Lifeboats are independent, like us. We don’t receive any statutory funding and are not part of the RNLI.

“We are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year and offer an emergency response service to save lives at sea and inshore in floods and swift water. The full crew are qualified swift/white water technicians.

 “The new Lifeboat Lotto will give our supporters an extra way to help us raise vitally needed cash. It will be fun too – with a jackpot prize starting at £1000 which rolls over weekly until it is won or reaches £5000, at which point a guaranteed winner will be drawn.

“We cover a very large area of the Cumbrian Coast including parts of Scotland across the Solway Firth. Our lifeboat has a range of 150 miles but we need to start raising cash for its ten year refit. It is nearly six years old and the refit could cost more than £75,000 – so we have to prepare for that now.

 “Lifeboat Lotto will be a very welcome addition to our options for fundraising, as it has done at several other independent stations in the U.K. and we are sure it will prove popular with our local supporters – for the minimal cost of just £2 a week.
 “The bonus with this fund-raising lotto for the people of Maryport and surrounding towns and villages is that the next life we save could be theirs – or someone they love.”

Lifeboat Lotto is easy to play. Entry is only £2 a week and there are no weekly forms to fill in, just pick  4 numbers between 1 and 31 and write them on the application form.

You only need to do this once as your numbers are then registered in the Maryport Lifeboat Lotto computer and are entered into each weekly draw for as long as you pay. Paying is easy too, no hands in pockets or purses, payment is made by either cheque for £52 which covers 6 months entries or by monthly or six monthly Standing Order. No cash changes hands - nothing could be easier.

Lifeboat Lotto is a local weekly lottery, it is not part of a national scheme and all funds raised will go to the Maryport  Lifeboat.
Match 4 numbers and you will win the roll-over jackpot which starts at £1000 and increases by £100 a week until a winner is found.  If no one matches the numbers drawn, a winner is guaranteed when the jackpot reaches £5000.  Match 3 numbers and win a £25 consolation prize.

There is no need to claim, all winners will be paid directly, by cheque and winning numbers will be published each week on the Lifeboat Lotto and the Maryport Lifeboat website

The first draw takes place on 19th March and weekly thereafter.

The Lifeboat Lotto team will be out and about, calling on households and in local shopping centres to ask for your support, they will be easily recognisable with high visibility jackets and full identification.

You can also sign up for the Maryport Lifeboat Lotto by downloading an application form from the Lifeboat Lotto website, following the Maryport link and downloading the application form. Once completed, there is a Freepost address (no stamp required) to send the form in.