Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Lotto sold?

Generally by door to door canvassers and supermarket foyer promotion. The Lotto is a weekly subscription lottery and entry is made by Standing Order, there are no weekly tickets to buy.

How do we know it is genuine?

All our canvassers have photo identification and are usually wearing high visibility clothing. You can also call us on our Freeephone number (0800 009 4357) for further verification.

If I agree to have a go on the Lotto, how do I pay?

All payments are made by either Standing Order or occasionally by cheque made payable to the Lifeboats fundraising Society. We do not accept cash payments and all our sales staff are instructed not to accept cash donations.

Can I cancel my entry?

Yes, you can cancel your entry at any time. If you are paying by Standing Order through your bank, you must notify your bank to stop the payments. If you have a credit balance in the Lifeboat Lotto account, it will be refunded if you notify us in writing. However, we hope that you will not cancel and continue to support your local Lifeboat.

How do I know if my numbers have been entered correctly?

When you sign up to join the Lotto your details are recorded on the Lifeboat Lotto computer including the numbers that you have selected or been issued ( if you have chosen to use the Lucky Dip facility). You will then receive a confirmation letter by post showing your numbers that have been entered into the computer, you can then check that they are the correct ones.

Can I pick my own numbers?

Yes, all you have to do is pick 4 numbers between 1 and 31 and write them on the application form. There is also a Luck Dip facility where the Lifeboat Lotto computer will select 4 random numbers for you if you do not want to pick your own.

What if someone else picks the same numbers as me?

Like the National Lottery, the jackpot prize would be shared, however the £25 consolation prizes for match 3 are paid in full.

How will I know if I have won?

The winning numbers in each weeks draw will be published on your Lifeboats page on the Lifeboat Lotto website . We also publish our results on Facebook and Twitter so if you follow us on there you will see them in your feed.  Because all players names and addresses are recorded on the Lifeboat Lotto computer the winners are ascertained immediately after the draw has been made and winners cheques will be sent direct in the post. Unlike the National Lottery, there is no need to claim.


If you have any further questions that we haven’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us